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This site has a simple mission: To provide information about the United Airlines Collector Series art prints that were part of UA's frequent flyer recognition program, EATP, during the 1970's.  The 43 prints that make up the series are 8.5" x 11" lithograph reductions of original watercolors painted by the noted aviation artist Nixon Galloway.  Here, you'll also find a page dedicated to Roy Andersen's Collector Series Postcards that includes a collection of 40 United Airlines postcards. I consider Andersen's United Airlines postcards to be a "sister" collection to Nick Galloway's prints.  Many of the same airplanes are depicted. And like the Galloway series, very little is really documented about Andersen's postcards.  Hope you enjoy exploring!

Note: Do not copy, reprint or distribute any of the content herein without first receiving written permission from Freestone Inc. This information is copyrighted.

I began collecting UA Galloway prints years ago, using as a base the 16 that my Dad gave me from the time he participated in the program.  I now have all of the series, and multiple copyright issues of each.  On the Buy & Sell page you'll find info about how you can purchase from my inventory. You'll also see a list of prints I'm looking to buy.  I'm a collector first, not a dealer, so the Buy & Sell page gives me, and I hope you, a chance to upgrade our collections.

Specific information about the program and the issuance of the prints has been hard to come by, but after years of research, I believe I have "painted" a good picture of how it all worked.  See the About the Series page to learn what I've discovered.  The prints were accompanied by Spec Cards and Intro Letters.  To read more about those, go to the Cards & Letters page.  I continue to piece together the history and sequencing of the program based on collecting, reading and talking with others.  I'm hoping to share all of my information here, most of which you probably won't find anyplace else.  I'm sure it's not 100% correct so I hope you'll help me fill in some of the gaps.  To that end, I welcome your comments, corrections and any new information.

This site is dedicated to the memory of Joe Reed.  A veteran of the Air Force, Joe started piloting when he was 16, and flew until shortly before his passing in November of 2009.  He had a lifetime passion for aviation, and lived for many years in an airpark in Georgia with his beloved Grumman Cheetah.  He was a fellow collector of these UA Galloway prints.  I was honored when his daughter Lisa sent me many of them in 2010.  Capt. Joe Reed, may your skies always be blue!

This site launched in April 2010.  That month there was just one visitor.  Since then, thousands have visited and monthly traffic continues to increase.  I'm constantly updating the content...so stay tuned. In my Blog, I present stories, new discoveries and general comments about Galloway's prints and Andersen's postcards.

Thanks for visiting and I look forward to hearing from you.

Blue Skies,

PS  See the two items below!

Help Me Find This!!!

This was the first bi-monthly report (sorry for poor image quality) that kicked off the EATP program and introduced the first print. This report is dated Jan 18, 1974. I'd like to add this to my collection. If you have it, please contact me and perhaps we can make a deal.


From Katie in Wisconsin

Occasionally, I'll get a great photo of what a buyer has done with the prints I've provided to them. This one came in from Katie in Wisconsin who created this wonderful collage of framed Galloway prints in her son's bedroom (I didn't supply the stuffed friends to the right). She says he loves the planes. Great Job Katie!